Custom-Tailored Solutions

for real estate investors 

Custom-tailored solutions

for real estate investors

Investment Platforms

Our operational flexibility enables us to source and offer investments to our investors through customized investment vehicles according to investor needs and opportunities offered.

We currently have four active investment platforms.

Zeus Capital Partners

Zeus Capital Partners LP is a private equity real estate fund launched in 2007 to target mainly residential real estate investments in South-East Europe (CEE). In line with the long-view opportunistic strategy of Zeus, being uniquely positioned to align its interests with existing market conditions, the Fund gradually expanded its portfolio to include investments in commercial real estate and distressed assets in the same geographical region. The fund is now fully invested.


The Fund targets opportunistic and value-added investments in the following real estate asset types:

Primary Residence

Residential real estate development in the targeted countries presents a strong opportunity to achieve high returns.

The emergence of a new, affluent middle class and its demand for better quality housing is the driving force of these regional real estate markets. This newly developed socioeconomic group has been moving from large low quality blocks to upgraded private dwellings of improved quality to meet its housing needs.


Adapting to the current financial market situation, Zeus Capital Partners LP identified investment opportunities in the acquisition of commercial, income producing properties at attractive yields. The Fund has broadened its focus to acquire such properties at prices reflective of the regional real estate market dislocation.

Distressed Assets

Non-performing loans have increased and banks have started selling distressed assets linked to such loans in most SEE countries. The Fund has targeted such investment opportunities, particularly when those had originated from regional bank loan portfolios and had exhibited signs of distress.

Zeus US Opportunities

Following and targeting emerging investment opportunities, Zeus included the United States in its markets of interest in 2011. The opportunities identified are presented to investors on an individual project basis and through distinct investment vehicles, namely Zeus US Opportunities.

Zeus US operations are supported by Zeus US Realty Services LLC, a Zeus affiliated company, which provides property management and administrative services.


Zeus has the flexibility to shift its focus and customize its strategy according to the demands of the market and the needs of the investors. In the US, Zeus concentrates on buying opportunistic and value-added real estate investments with a focus on residential, retail, office and hotel properties.

Target investments include completed or nearly completed projects that can be acquired at prices at less than replacement cost, often as a result of structural complexities or distress.

The primary geographical focus is on the New York Metropolitan area. Other major urban gateway cities of Boston, Washington DC, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles, are targeted. On a selective basis, projects in Houston, Austin and Dallas are explored.

Zeus Emerging Europe Commercial Properties

Exceptional opportunities to acquire prime assets in Central East and South East Europe (Emerging Europe) are still available for investors to secure attractive capital values and benefit from the rent growth potential, as the region continues to progress on economic growth. Our newly established investment platform, Zeus Emerging Europe Commercial Properties (ZEECP) targets such opportunities, leveraging on our established presence and extensive network of business relationships in the region.


ZEECP is an investment platform targeting commercial properties in Emerging Europe, employing primarily core and value added strategies on a transaction-by-transaction basis. The investment objective is to acquire income-generating properties in Emerging Europe in order to secure a robust cash flow stream and take advantage of the capital appreciation potential upon exit, locking high yields at acquisition and offering investors the chance to gain a strong foothold in regional submarkets.

The investment strategy primarily focuses on properties that are centrally located in selected capital cities of the targeted region. There properties are mostly leased to international blue-chip companies and offer superior yields over similar profile properties in Western Europe. Properties located in secondary cities or other major business hubs might be considered.

Separate Account 

Zeus operational flexibility allows the offering of ad-hoc customized investment products to investors. We pursue separate mandates, forming strategies in concert with our investors to meet their specific investment requirements; preference for asset class, geography, return profile, capital structure, holding period and liquidity needs.

Separate accounts are offered both to institutional and private investors who do not wish to be invested in pooled investment vehicles with other investors. These stand-alone separate vehicles provide autonomy and can be set-up either as discretionary or non-discretionary. Investors benefit from our access to investments in all our target region, leverage off our deal structuring and execution capabilities, as well as our active asset management.