Global Reach

Local expertise

Global Reach

Local expertise

Business Approach

Our investment philosophy and operational approach targets the highest potential risk-adjusted returns across all types of real estate assets. Our success relies on an efficient and effective operating platform: one core entrepreneurial team, one centralized decision-making center and control of investment partnering with local knowledge and expertise to identify and develop real estate opportunities both in Europe and the US.

Our business approach revolves around 5 core pillars.

Proactive Operating Platform

One core entrepreneurial team strategically positioned

We operate as a fully integrated professional organization in order to best perform active asset and property management for our real estate portfolio. We strongly value teamwork and commitment and our entrepreneurial core team has been working together since the founding of our company. Our team of seasoned professionals is strategically positioned throughout our target regions and has diverse institutional and entrepreneurial backgrounds with a combined experience that covers all faces of real estate investment and management. We only work with the best-in-class external advisors joining us on each investment as one coordinated and efficient team and sticking to the professional corporate governance guidelines.

Deal Sourcing and Execution

Unrivaled global network

Zeus has established throughout the years extensive and longstanding relationships in the real estate, business and finance communities. Zeus has the ability to source off-market and privately negotiate deals directly with the owners, operators and lenders. Using its in-house expertise and experience, the company is always in a position to act quickly in order to underwrite and execute complex transactions in the short-run, as is often required to secure the best deals and returns.

Global reach with local expertise

Joining with local knowledge and expertise

We maintain ongoing business and personal relationships in all markets of interest and have built a network of experts to assure depth of knowledge and flexibility of operation in this challenging environment. Our management team is supported by dedicated local consultants and advisors in each of the market we operate. Our diverse international investor base further reinforces our activities; our pool of investors consists of institutional and private investors located around the globe.


Alignment of interest

Partnering with our Investors

We are more than just an asset manager. Zeus and its affiliated companies and principals join our investors in our investments. Our commitment to the investments and investors is real and extends beyond the preservation of our brand.

Smart thinking and flexibility 

Committed to continuous improvement 

We regularly challenge the status quo in our day-to-day business operations. This approach nurtures out-of-the-box thinking and sustains the operational flexibility needed to adapt to our investor’s needs efficiently and effectively.