The prospects of the global economies and Greece confronting the Covid-19 pandemic were at the focus of a webinar-discussion organized by the Harvard Business School Club of Greece on September 24th, 2020. The webinar was moderated by Zeus’ Founder and CEO, Stelios Zavvos, with distinguished scholars and leading policymakers; Dr Nouriel Roubini – Professor of Economics, Dr. Daniel Gros – Director Centre for European Policy Studies and  Dr. Christos Staikouras – Minister of Finance of Greece.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges to our way of life and thinking as well as to the economic, social and geopolitical patterns. Understanding the long-term implications and shaping immediate policies and business strategies is essential. National governments and international institutions have deployed an impressive arsenal of innovative measures aiming at reinforcing health systems, maintaining social coherence and providing stimulus to the economy. Digital transformation accelerates its pace and substitutes methods of working, production and communication – but also creates new divides and broadens the inequality gap.

This crisis has further increased geopolitical tensions between US and China instead of reinforcing international cooperation, favoring the status of regional unruly hegemons and auguring a new era of uncertainty. National governments that have successfully confronted the first wave of the pandemic, like the Greek government, are now implementing strategies to fend off the adverse economic implications and lay down the basis for sustainable development.

As the end of the crisis is not in sight, there are more questions. Are we moving towards inflation or deflation, recession or growth due to the additional liquidity; how the major currencies and markets will react?

The webinar participated by distinguished scholars and leading policy-makers addressed the above challenging themes of this unique period.

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