The Fund targets opportunistic and valued added investments in the following real estate asset types:

Primary Residence

Residential real estate development in the targeted countries presents a strong opportunity to achieve high returns.

The emergence of a new affluent middle class and its demand for better quality housing is the driving force of these regional real estate markets. This newly developed socioeconomic group has been moving from large low quality blocks to upgraded private dwellings of improved quality to meet its housing needs. This represents a major investment opportunity and the best way to profit from this trend is to participate in the regional residential development.


Adapting to the current financial market situation, Zeus Capital Partners LP has identified investment opportunities in the acquisition of commercial income producing properties at attractive yields. The Fund has broadened its focus to acquire such properties at prices reflective of the region’s recent market dislocation.

Distressed Assets

In most SEE countries, it has been observed that non-performing loans have started to increase and banks are proceeding with distressed asset sales linked to such loans. The Fund is also targeting such investment opportunities, particularly when those originate from regional bank loan portfolios and exhibit signs of distress.